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An Open Letter to Jake Stratton-Kent

Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Hi Jake!

We went through rough times then. Things were unclear here and there. Both sides misunderstood a lot of what was going on and happened. My wife, who later gave birth to our children, Andrea, is now with the gods, if there be such.

Then, at the selfsame time as I am experiencing some of the worst slander I have seen in my life, I find that YOU give Secret Societies what they deserve. Sheer contempt.

You are the man to stand for this. You have always been a stander. Our quarrels then have never befouled this my estimation of You.

I have though held up my disestimation of Secret Societies ever, not only since we then met.

Now, as I said to a good Swiss friend and colleague yesterday, it is much more important that You have taken up the feud.

I have never been a member of a Secret Society; thus they may call me a nitwit on the subject, they may ignore my word on that whatever I might say.

That they won’t be able to do to You.

People (of course most of my little readership as well) will not easily see what it means when YOU jump ship.

I certainly do.

The word is out.

And: You are twenty years older, just as I am. But the tough skinny Englishman stood his ground. I can’t speak for my lost wife, Andrea, but I’m quite sure that she would underwrite what I’m now saying.

The little sarcasm that was in my first post on this, as to the point that You have finally have come to this fundamental understanding I beg You to take lightly; what is at stake now counts.

For the first time in twenty years I have thought about taking up the subject of magick again; not that I had nothing at all to do with it over these years; some dumb asshole popped up now and then; I still know defense, of course, but besides that I mostly let things be.

There was one German (You know whom I’m talking about, Fraternitas Saturni and so forth) who seemed to be of Your caliber; but then, You may have a laugh on that, when Andrea and I discussed hypothetically who would win out in the end, him and You going against each other, we both said that Jake would make it, just for being the tougher one, even living for years in the last of pits before giving up if need be.

Enough laudatio. Let’s get down to business.

To me, Secret Societies have been the intellectual pest of the world since I’ve realized their power and importance. They cannot but cultivate the bad in man.

Here stands the scarfaced German widower; the artist that is till now not even (I know why, fuck’em!) recognized as one.

I’ll keep going working on this.

My word on that.

Greetings and my best wishes,