A Tale from Teletherion

First, know Yer language.

Second, identify Yer adversaries.

Then, X-ray their methods.

Thereupon You expose their language and their methods.

That will, most likely, bring You in danger.

The best shield is constant word.

Some will by then have noticed you.

Don’t think, that they be not there.

Harken for their stillness.

Tap their ghosts.

Drink their hidden thoughts, wishes, curses.

Dry them, roast them, concoct them: wort them well.

Worth a master of spice.

Have them reek and imbibe it.

‘Tis, there, as You understand, Your task.

Wince not.


Sunriding, not even Your arse is getting too hot.

Your mare stays cool anytime.

That’s how easy and beautiful it is.

Not one prayer needed ‘twixt any two layers.

You just proceed.

Sap the traps.


(We Neandertalanians must stand our ground firmer than ever; epigenetics are our unalienable domain; so called Homo sapiens shall see, what he bade up.)

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