Bilderbergers Kidnapped on The Spot?

The UFO that scared all Bilderbergers in their refuge near Athens last night (see last article), seems to have turned up again and shifted to a higher gear.

Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner are missing, and the CIA has found no traces of them left.

This morning, their suites were wholly empty, even the furniture missing, not even fingerprints of them to be found.

“It looks like they never had been here or anywhere”, trembling Sgt-Major McRushmore told CNN.

Some of the attendants of The Conference are reported to have suffered nervous breakdowns and regular strange fits after being informed on this.

The medical staff of The Conference is going full throttle and doing overtime.

The Queen of England has sent a few of her specialists, though reluctantly, and not amused by the request of the US-president, flying to Balmoral.

Queen Beatrix is said to have left the scene together with Dominique Strauss-Kahn in camouflage.

Several commanders of the British SAS and the American Delta Forces have committed insubordination, holding that an enemy that cannot be shattered nor poisoned forever with Depleted Uranium and is only visible when he wants to be, is too much for their capacities.

The press is also falling apart.

The bravest of the mainstream media say that it’s all a hype, and that it’s just a security test.

Others have seen their journalists not turning up for work, pretending to be befallen by diverse strains of swine-, bird-, human-, hound-, even extraterrestrial flu overnight.

A German TV-station reports that Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank, handed in his papers via e-mail and now hides in the Swiss mountains.

The rumour goes, that outright desertion in the security personnel protecting The Conference, that had thought, the job would be only against hapless meagre democrats without means, is spreading after what happened, most of them trying to make their way to Albania.

Nicolas Sarkozy declared that the situation was “wholly under control” and that he was dwelling somewhere on the planet being free, alive, and well.

The Israeli Prime Minister, at the same time, had his speaker say with a breaking voice that he had always wanted peace with everybody.

The speaker outlined substantial first step concessions “to our Semitic brethren, the Palestinians” to the reporters that dared attend the press meeting.

We will keep you informed on the further development of what history books will call “The Crisis of The Conference”.

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