Hearing of “Bad Banks”, I have started to wonder what a “Good Bank” might be.

Is this an entity so humble and benign, that it would never think of driving me out of my house as soon as I ain’t payin’ for the “toxic” papers it sold to me?

Since Good Banks don’t exist, as the one hint should have shown to anyone, I ask myself who the hell invented the term “Bad Bank”?

It must be someone who holds a big deal of interest in the banks that sell their crap for taxpayer’s money to the “Bad Banks”.

Thus we sheeples get to hold shares of the Bad Banks, becoming shareholders of the Bad, like it or not.

Therewith we, the people, become the Bad Guys, with all the toxic papers in our poisoned tentacles.

And the Smileys at the “Good Banks” go on making money out of the rest of our money, if there’s anything left we didn’t have to spend to buy up the shit they should have gone to prison for.

B I G   T I M E   S U P E R B U L L S H I T ! ! !

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